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A private medical clinic in Calgary has opened its doors offering unique "concierge" services – essentially 24-hour, reduced wait-time access to a doctor.

The genetically modified Jersey cow produces so much of the hormone that just 15 cows like her could meet the current world supply

LONDON - Europe has opened the floodgates to generic biopharmaceuticals, agreeing that the human growth hormone Omnitrope, manufactured by Sandoz GmbH, is equivalent in quality, safety and efficacy to the registered originator product.

The news of Rick Tocchet's alleged involvement in running a gambling ring could be one of the biggest sports scandals in local history.

Another chapter in the BALCO steroids saga faded Monday, with track superstar Marion Jones and convicted steroid dealer Victor Conte quietly agreeing to settle a defamation lawsuit brought by the Olympic champion. Terms of the settlement were not...

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