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A lobbyist assistant in Washington, Donna Watts-Brighthaupt says she hopes to give up fatty foods and quit smoking.

Is it possible to quit smoking in one hour, after decades of lighting up?

Patients who quit smoking for surgery tend to have an easier time kicking the habit for good, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.

PHILADELPHIA - It sounds too good to be true: A pill that helps you lose weight, quit smoking, and reduce the cardiovascular risks for diabetes and heart disease.

GAYLORD - The difficulty of beating an addiction to tobacco is well known. To help area residents who wish to quit smoking, Otsego Memorial Hospital Community Education is offering a new Quit Smoking Workshop developed by Kaiser Permanente.

Some New Year’s resolutions seem destined to be broken no matter the level of our good intentions. Even when I manage to lose that 15 pounds I’m always in jeopardy of gaining twenty. On the other hand, I quit smoking 27 years ago and that resolve has remained strong.

Patients who quit smoking for surgery have safer anesthesia, better recovery, and a bonus--an easier time withdrawing from cigarettes for good.The article looks at physiologic changes caused by cigarettes as well as abstaining, and how they affect the surgical patient.

A new drug waiting for approval is being called the miracle pill. Doctors say it helps you lose weight, quit smoking, improve your cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and trigylecerides or blood fats.

Dr. James Bjork had tried all the usual ways to quit smoking, but nothing worked. Then eight years ago -- at age 47 -- he decided to see a hypnotist. "I had smoked for most of my adult life, and I was sick and tired of it," the Sioux City chiropractor said.

It's the leading cause of preventable death in North Carolina but millions still light up. Everyday, diseases caused by cigarette smoking kill 33 North Carolinians.

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